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I grew up in a large families of huggers.  I am the oldest of five children.  My mom is one of five children.  My dad is one of four children.  So, lots of siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and I have always loved being a part of a large family.

My love of family grew exponentially when I became a mother and I became passionate about capturing my daughters lives through images.  It still amazes me how fast they change right in front of your eyes.  Looking back at images even from a few months earlier, I could remember how I felt in those moments.  That is when I became more determines to learn my camera and create images that showed more how I felt in those moments.

Along the way, I had a desire to capture the life and moments of other families but spent a lot of time deciding what type of photography made me the happiest.  Everyone loves a grandma pose where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, but the images that really make me the happiest are the sweet interactions between a mother and her son or a father and his daughter.  I promise you that you will want to remember those simple moments too and you will long for them one day.

I want to love on your families, captures your sweet moments and give you images to remember this part of your journey.

I’ll be sharing more of the families I have had adventures with, but first up, is my sister and her boys.  Being a girl mom, I am lucky to have nephews and see what boy mom life looks up close and personal.  These boys have a lot of energy but also give the best hugs!



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