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jen-aboutI believe that love is the foundation of a good life.  That does not mean it is an easy, picture-perfect life, but love always lets the beautiful moments shine.  The love that brings two people together to begin a marriage, the love you feel the instant you become a parent, and the love you feel being surrounded by family.  All of it matters because how we share this love is our legacy.

My goal is to capture this beautiful life that is worth remembering and to freeze the now because these moments pass by so quickly.  Right where you are today is worth celebrating.   I want to preserve your love and who you are together and the sweet details of today.
sf_pullquoteI am a wife to someone who knows how to make me laugh and mama to two silly girls.  I am an extrovert and I love meeting new people and connecting in a genuine way.  I know I use the word love too much but it is just who I am.  I love cotton candy skies because they can make me pause no matter what kind of day I’ve had and just be grateful.  Coffee dates make my heart happy.  I love fancy earrings, but almost always can be found wearing simple pearl ones. I am a hugger and I have the gift of tears, so I will likely cry with you in the happy moments and the sad ones.  My happiest place is anywhere with the ones I love.  I am so grateful you are here and I’d love to connect with you.